Our brand is committed to the production in Portugal of handmade items with a minimum of resources, and with little or no environmental impact, resulting in high quality and sustainable rugs.
Our carpets are made in small quantities at a time, on wooden looms, with specific measurements, without the need for water or electricity. Everything is done by hand following ancestral techniques. 
We not only stand up for the planet with eco-friendly and sustainable items, but also for the ethical values of a circular and fair economy for all.



All our rugs are made from cotton waste recovered from textile factories in Portugal, giving a second life to what would otherwise be wasted. Some of our designs are unique and exclusive. Once out of stock, they will not return to our shop. They are hypoallergenic because they are 100% cotton and can be machine washed at 30Âş. Our rugs are simple, natural, durable, recycled and eco-responsible. All these qualities are complemented by their minimalist, functional design; sober and elegant lines, as well as their natural tones that will give a full feeling of well-being and serenity to your decor.

​Nunamae is a conscious brand, opting for natural and reusable materials, giving access to more functional and harmonious environments that preserve the environment.

Who are we?

Graduates in Design, passionate about interior decoration, we have a crazy love for tapestry and crafts in general.

Aware of the individual responsibility for ethical and ecologically responsible consumption in our daily lives, we decided to create Nunamae, in order to make our contribution to the movement to which we belong, the Slowdeco.